A Forever Recovery in Battle Creek, Michigan

A Forever Recovery is the first open-ended drug addiction treatment solution that has brought together treatment professionals from many different successful therapies and modalities to help guide the patient into finding what works best for them.  Many of our patients have been in other forms of therapies and yet were frustrated because they couldn’t accept that particular type of recovery.  A Forever Recovery offers a combination of different therapies that work on the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive substance abuse recovery through an all-encompassing approach of body, mind and spirit and “Empowerment through Choice” collectively to individuals so they may maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

A Forever Recovery believes that an addict needs to find the recovery system that they are most receptive to in order to successfully recover from addiction.  When an addict has input into the treatment that they are receiving, their success rate is much greater.

AFR promotes human value by reinforcing the positive, desirable qualities of character, such as honesty, integrity, tolerance, responsibility, compassion and respect.