Zack April 2014

“I came into AFR a broken, sad, negative, and lost soul. I fought coming because I feared change and the unknown. As I began the program I realized that everybody was here for the same reason, not only because we were drug addicts, but because we lost sight of happiness in our lives. When I started my MRT program I began the terrible things I did to myself and all my friends and family. It helped me by putting my issues on paper and sharing them with my MRT group! I had suppressed so many feelings and emotions for so long that the only way I knew how to deal with them was by getting high. The MRT book took me step by step through my problem areas and made me address the things I have done and the reason why I have led a life of unhappiness. Being open with myself and others was the best medicine for my soul and released me from my prison. Over the program I began to come out of my shell and found happiness within myself instead of looking for the outside gratification. The tracks I would attend at night also led me down the path of happiness by giving me tools to use on a daily basis to keep my focus on recovery! I can’t thank staff enough for truly caring about me and my sobriety and couldn’t have done it without their support.”

Zack K.