Todd July 2013

“AFR has done so much for me, it’s hard to pick a place to start. Through counseling I’ve been shown the many thinking errors that compromise most of my thinking. I’ve learned to identify and therefore correct them as they occur. Through the faith based track I’ve learned joy and fun in praising The Lord. I can even sing a little bit, thanks to our beloved Mrs. Dalia. Alan has shown me an understanding of the word which I was simply not aware of and he took the time to baptize myself and others and I am greatly thankful for him. My MRT group is awesome, we had a lot of fun and got a lot of work done, I have a lot of respect and love for Joe. Lou and the kitchen staff did a wonderful job in putting healthy weight on me, and the gym and its staff helped me turn that into strength. I can’t say enough about the entire security staff and how they made me feel welcome and talked to me when I was down, but it was Jeff there the most especially with appropriate bible verses. The classes were awesome and I appreciate every staff member who taught them. The CLO’s helped me every time I needed something and I am thankful to Mark and Kristina. I really appreciate the case management team they all helped me out and Justin is an awesome guy. I’ve never felt so hopeful or proud of myself. I’ve learned self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and to love myself. I have my self respect back, and there is no price that can be placed on these things. Thank you, Pam for everything.”

-Todd H. July 2013