Statements of Success

“MRT gave me insight into myself, CBT helped me with coping tools.”

-Lauren H. July 2015

“I thought I was forever broken but AFR opened my eyes and now I can see I am a new creation and ready to tackle anything.”

-Clayton C. July 2015

“AFR helped me to find myself again and to find my higher power, and faith base track helped me to get closer to GOD. MRT was amazing I didn’t think I needed help but between MRT & my counselors, I realized I had a problem with being disloyal to my inner-self, I have never been to a treatment and done Mortal Recognition Therapy. I really enjoyed it. It has helped me see things clearly”

GOD Bless Everyone at AFR!

Nika W. July 2015

“This program has opened my eyes and my heart and helped me find happiness again. It brought to light the reasons as to why I coped with using and drinking and instilled the power of choice back in me. I am forever grateful for this program and to the people here. Thanks for everything.”

-Jerrod T. June 2015

“AFR has brought a part of me that I lost during my addiction. I had forgotten what it was like to be happy. I am very thankful to AFR for giving me my life back.”

-Kevin S. June 2015

“This is the best treatment I’ve ever been to. MRT is by far the best program made. I’ve done a complete 180 turn in my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with James, Alan, and Justin. I’ve got my life and wife back. Thank you!”

-Paul T. May 2015

“When I came to AFR I was pretty much hopeless. I had already been to other rehabs and relapsed soon after returning home. I didn’t think I would have another chance. I have never done the MRT program before. I have learned a lot about myself why I acted the way I do and how to change my negative behaviors through working this program. I feel that I now have the tools I need to deal with life on life’s terms without drugs or alcohol. “

-Luke N. March 2015

“This place helped me see where my problems began. Opened my eyes to more damage I have done. I am more honest and open and can actually express my emotions now. Manage anger. Release hate and resentment .I got myself back into healthy habits. Reminded me about the high you have with sober life.”

-Gavin R. March 2015

“The Best thing that ever happened to me, saved my life. I’ve been drinking for 30 years, time to stop, diet & exercise.  Was great, can’t wait to start my new life.”

Daniel M. March 2015

“I came here to get sober, but I learned I need to change my whole life . M.R.T  has opened my eyes on how I need to do that. I feel like a new person already and I’m excited to go out and see the world with a new set of eyes.”

-Reggie C.  February 2015

“This program wasn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced. I haven’t been this happy since I was a child. MRT shows you the true you and every single underlying issue to using it, it also gives you the tools to stay clean. If you want to change this is the place to do it. I wanted to give up and end my life because I thought there was no other option for me, however, this program has made me so excited to live life sober, finally. It feels so amazing to come to a place where every staff member truly cares about your well-being.”
-Turner J. February 2015

“My experience at AFR has been about self discovery and awareness. I feel that I’ve gotten to the root of lots of the reason I was trying to avoid feeling. I know that I will have to be on guard for the rest of my life and deal with my emotions in a logical way. Each step of MRT led to the next and when I thought I couldn’t gain anything else, I learned something new. I do feel stronger.”
Susana M. January 2015

“Upon coming to AFR, I was a train wreck emotional wise, the drugs and alcohol played a little roll in what was really going on with me. Doing the MRT steps has made a complete change effect on me. What I love about this program is that they focus on you instead of focusing on the “drug addiction”. Being able to find myself again and re-bonding my relationships with god through AFR’s faith base, track has saved my life. The tools AFR has given me are priceless and I’m very grateful.”
-Stephen T January 2015

“AFR is a very well prepared program that has taught me many tools to help my recover from drugs, alcohol and how to continue my sobriety.”
-Bert M December 2014

“AFR was the first program to respond to my cry for help. I had started almost two weeks earlier seeking a rehab program that would help me detox from alcohol. AFR stated that I could be on a plane within hours and it happened that fast. As a sixty-six year old female I had slipped into a alcohol habit of escape two years ago when my brother (seventy-five) moved in with my family with mental health issues. As he would talk daily about old triggers and issues I had stuffed down year ago I lost the ability to process feelings and slipped into isolate/escape mode. AFR is a program when once the client is detox from the drug of choice they can work with professionals to rejoin “the living’ I am back to my old self. I feel better that I have in thirty years. I am returning home a happy, adjusted, healthy adult who has the tools to cope with life on a daily bases. AFR gave me back my dignity and my life. I feel so free

-Linda S. December 2014

“I feel so much better equipped to deal with day to day stress and anxiety. How to use meditation, counseling and anger management techniques to keep those things from becoming triggers. I feel that I have opened up communication between my inner self and conscious self allowing me to make better decisions, and to deal with things that I have been carrying for a long time.”

Jonathan H.November 2014

“The Blue Book and the Red Book chapters made me look closely at my entire life (relationships, choices behaviors) Then the “steps” helped me to retrain my decision making progress. The whole program taught me that I’m not naturally a “Bad Person” that “How You Are” isn’t “Who You Are” You learn new ways of processing feeling that lead to more health & ethical thoughts and actions. The stuff is very helpful and available; they care deeply about our recoveries. Care doesn’t stop once we leave AFR, the staff contacts patients regularly to be sure the clients are doing well and sticking to their aftercare plans.  Thank you AFR!”

Lindsay J. November 2014

“AFR has allowed me to find the old me, the me without drugs. The Blue Book helped me to uncover memories and emotions that I had bottled up, making me aware of some of the things that I needed to deal with in counseling and MRT. MRT showed me how my past was still affecting me, and showed me how/what I needed to do to change it. This has allowed me to become a much happier person with goals, confidence, a positive outlook and more importantly DRUG FREE! THANK YOU AFR!”

-Aric W. October 2014

“The Blue Book stripped away all of my labels and made me realize I don’t know who I am. But I’m also a blank slate with a ton of potential. With MRT I’ve realized all of my false beliefs. It’s not my job to fix everyone’s problems, can say NO and not eat my emotions. Step 3 and 5 were eye openers for me. I’m a great person and I don’t need drugs or alcohol to escape my emotions.  I can use my voice and express how I feel without caring what people think or say. My life is no longer controlled by drugs and alcohol.” Thank you sooo much.

-Erica D. October 2014

“Here at AFR I learned so much. I learned communication is not only vital, but extremely helpful and beneficial knowing how to communicate without reacting or blaming anyone but yourself. Communication also includes listening to other people but it is important to focus on yourself and not putting ones feelings before your own. I learned how to catch myself being dishonest to myself and disloyal to my sobriety. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire program and the things I’ve learned and the ways I changed. Thanks Much!”

-Danielle C. August 2014

“AFR helped me to rediscover my true self. I came here to work on my drug problem and found out it is so much more than that. Along with facing my past with honesty I also was able to rediscover my purpose in life. My old dreams were resurrected along with new dreams and a new vision. I am now ready to be the best version of myself and to see the potential in others. I learned to have compassion for myself and I dare say by the grace of god a universal compassion for others.”

-Edward G. August 2014

“AFR has changed my entire view on recovery and inspired a new hope and understanding of the concept of drug and alcohol addiction. I have made realistic, attainable goals for my future through this program and am able to 100% control whether I use or not. Sobriety is entirely a choice. I cannot understand this and thus choose to stay sober with the tools I’ve learned here. Thank You AFR!”
-Daniel Z August 2014

“A Forever Recovery has helped me to find the real me that I always knew I was capable of becoming. Moral Recognation Therapy has helped me change my way of thinking. I now know I am capable of achieving my goals and I am worthy of a better life. I see how being in opposition in the past put barriers between me accomplishing my goals. I can truly say I am happy with who Nina is today. THANK YOU AFR!”

-Nina D.  July 2014

“This program is a real life working miracle. The MRT helped me break down crumbling walls, allowing me to build back up a strong force of foundation for a healthy life. AFR also introduced me to my higher power, Jesus Christ. Through one of the many tracks there is to attend here, I owe my life to this facility/staff and most of all GOD. They gave me a second opportunity at living a clean and sober life.”  FINALLY! GOD BLESS!

-Jeremy R. June 2014

“A Forever Recovery has changed my life. It has helped me realize my full potential. When I first came I was really tired and felt hopeless. Now I am excited for my future and I know that I can cope with any problems life throws my way. If you think that no one can help you, you should try the MRT program. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I feel truly blessed.”

-Amber W. June 2014

“The program here at AFR has turned my outlook on life completely around. I have such a positive attitude and I feel great compared to when I first started. Soaking in everything from practicing honesty to healing relationships to creating goals in life, has made me appreciate my life 100% more.”

Scott R. May 2014

“AFR has helped me to find the real me. It has given me the tools to live a happy sober life. It has reconnected me with my higher power, my inner self, and my God. Thank you AFR.”

-Kevin D May 2014

“All in all it made me love myself for the first time and helped me realize I’m not a bad person just made mistakes, it gave me hope and a real smile I’ve never been happier thank you for showing me what life is really about. Sincerely, J.J.”

-Johnathon A. May 2014

“AFR has given me a great sense of accomplishment and made me realize I’m worth living and functioning in society. I started listening to my inner self and stopped acting on impulse. I also learned I’m not perfect and still am far from it, but progress not perfection. I now have solid tools to use to keep me progressing for the rest of my life. “

Thank you AFR

-Doug S. May 2014

“It gave me the strength to answer everything honestly and to stand up for what is right. I am grateful for everything I have in life and to be sober today. I am comfortable in my own skin now. I feel great about myself after finishing the program.”

-Adam S. April 2014

“I believe I was ready for sobriety prior to coming to AFR but just didn’t know why and what made me binge on crack, the time here gave me some time to soul search and find how I really felt inside. It also gave me alone time from my stressful life to do some moral inventory and talk to groups openly about the demons I had living in my lonely addiction. Helped to make me feel content with who I am and that I really am A good person without my crack addiction.”

-Nick F. April 2014

“A Forever Recovery has been a blessing in my life. The MRT program, the staff, the facets of treatment is truly unique to this place. I am finding happiness from within for me first time in my life. I have tools to fight dirty with my addiction. Thank You for this opportunity, for showing me positive change is possible. Much Love.”

-Sarah L. March 2014

“A Forever Recovery has gone deep and found issues I didn’t know I had. They showed me how to fix it myself and backed me up when no one else would. They are showing me how to be happy with myself and to make decisions that aren’t out of guilt or shame. They saved my life and set me free.”

-Travis B. March 2014

“The program definitely works. This program has set me free from my addiction and way of thinking. I have the confidence to be who I really am and love myself. I can leave the past in the past and look to today and the future. I have learned a rational way of thinking; to think before acting. I have become more aware of surroundings and how my actions can affect people. I have to love the people around me. I am truly happy I came here and graduated. Thank You”

-Alicia B. February 2014

A Forever Recovery has given me the chance to spend time with myself for the 1st time in 8 years. MRT breaks you down, preaches honesty, and reminds you what you’re capable of. Don’t be afraid anymore. Heroin was my life, but I know now that I must fight myself, because I’m my most powerful enemy. Difference is, now AFR gave me brass knuckles! Give it a real chance, it’s your life!”

-Scott C. January 2014

AFR has given my life a second chance. This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the staff and especially my fellow clients. I haven’t laughed more in my life and haven’t had more positive times until I got here. MRT made me realize that as addicts we all have one thing in common, our thought process just hasn’t worked for us up to this point. I have found my true SELF through clean time and this program. You get out what you put into this program if you see it through; your life WILL be changed for the better. Thank you to the AFR Staff and Clients. You will never be forgotten and are appreciated.

– Vince B. January 2014

“This program has helped me gain a positive outlook on life. For once, I am excited for what my future holds. My MRT program and self-Appraisal has given me a better understanding of myself and has helped me realize that I am on the right path to being the person that I once was. I believe I can achieve the goals I set for myself and I will start on them as soon as I graduate AFR. All the facilitators have been very helpful during my time here and I am grateful for the opportunity.”

-Josh S. December 2013

“A Forever Recovery has changed my life by helping me realize exactly why I used and helping me find myself through the MRT program. I learned that I was consumed of false beliefs about myself and I was living in opposition. Through the program I learned to let go of what I did in my addiction and learn to focus on the here and now. I no longer resent myself for my actions because I’m not the same person as I was in my addiction. Thanks to AFR and my women’s group I have a new life and can accomplish anything in my life. I can now go home and take care of my kids and myself while maintaining a positive change.”

-Amanda F. November 2013

“AFR and MRT have helped me humble out and be a lot more content with myself. It’s helped me get a stronger desire to complete my goals and be a better person overall. They helped me see the positive things about myself and helped me bring them out. I now have a greater appreciation for life and have a bright future which I struggled to see before. Thanks AFR for not only helping me get sober, but for realizing the potential in myself.”

-Shaylea Q. November 2013

” All around a great program, if you let it be, and are able to free yourself from your prison of addiction. AFR really gave me the strength, hope, courage, and the willingness to fight for my freedom from addiction. To keep pursing my path to my goals and plans to achieve true happiness.”

-Jeff W. November 2013

“The facility is great here and I think Aftercare is going to help me a lot. MRT has really opened my eyes to all the damage I’ve done to myself, my wife, and the rest of my family and friends, and society. I believe I have found enough tools here to help me stay sober. I appreciate all the help I’ve been given, and the way I was treated here at AFR. Thanks for everything.”

-Lee B. November 2013

“Everything that AFR offers has played a part in changing my life by helping me break down and analyze myself, my life and my way of thinking. MRT helped me analyze my life, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that negatively affected me and the world.  By identifying these I was able to strengthen my connection with myself and change my way of thinking and attitudes towards the world.  Making goals helped me reignite my passions and interests and gave me a sense of purpose and place in the world.  Instead of seeing the world and society as a negative place full of untrustworthy and negative people I am able to be more accepting, positive, and trusting of others.  I know how I fit in the world and feel at peace with everyone and everything.  I also feel at peace with who I am and I know the areas I must correct to be a positive force in the world.  My journey and theoplstic prayer also helped me with my self discovery, making into acceptance towards others, and healing my damaged relationships.  Overall everything offered here at AFR has helped me become the person I am meant to be.”

-Kelsey S. October 13

“AFR has opened my mind to new aspects of life; it has helped me appreciate the little things in life. MRT has changed my life in the aspects of being a good father, son, brother and uncle. It has helped me increase my own awareness to life significantly. My confidence in my life is at an all-time high and I feel very positive about the direction I’m heading in life.”

-Nate C. September 2013

“A Forever Recovery has helped me so much. When I first got here I didn’t want any part of recovery. I was sick in the head and I even ran away. I wanted nothing to do with the program. That’s because I did not want to know about the program. When I came back and started working the steps I was overwhelmed with this feeling – it was happiness. For once in my life I am happy, I am finding out things about myself that I never knew and I am confident about my recovery. The staff is amazing. I could not have gotten a better team of people to work with. This program works and I hope that everyone that comes here gets to experience the same things that I did and is able to be happy with themselves.”

-Kaitlyn O. August 2013

“AFR has made me believe that I can live a happy productive life without using drugs. I owe my life to the staff here. MRT is a tool that should be used in everyone’s lives.”

-Justin P. August 2013

“AFR is unlike any program I have ever experienced. I found who I am and what I want to be in life. I found God here again and I owe my life to AFR. Thank you.”

-Margaret D. July, 2013

“This place is a blessing. My mind, body, spirit, soul, emotions and morals have been reborn. The staff really cares and supports your recovery. Thanks AFR!”

-Brad C. July  2013

“I began my journey here at A Forever Recovery by struggling in the blue book. It brought a lot of bad feelings and struggles that has kept me sick in my addiction. I have really focused on my relationships that I have crushed and started rebuilding those by becoming honest with myself, the program and my family. The MRT class was the best part of this program. The steps brought something new every time and really made me aware of many things that kept me in the trenches of addiction. As I progressed through it and my facilitator broke things down to simple understandings he showed me that he truly cares about my recovery and I believed in me. I now know that I can stay sober and clean by being totally honest, staying in close relationship to my inner-self, achieving my goals that will bring happiness to my life, that I am worthy to love myself, and I am a good person. As I prepare to graduate I am thankful for A Forever Recovery saving my life. God bless this program.”

-Richard B. July 2013

“Coming into AFR, I was a swollen, bed ridden, emotionally hollow alcoholic-addict. The real me was non-existent, through years of neglect and abuse. Through the MRT program my true self slowly and methodically began to surface then finally reemerging as a whole, happy, hopeful, phenomenal woman. Through the self-inventory I was allowed to shed years of heavy, damaging baggage. The life skills classes in addition to my MRT program helped me build the strength and the tools I need to face the true test. Thank you AFR for helping me find myself, for making a better self, wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin and granddaughter. I leave here happy, I leave feeling like a sunflower, always seeking light.”


“I chose AFR because it is not a traditional 12 step program, which is what I was looking for. I have been to a different treatment facility that was strictly AA based and it personally did nothing for me. The MRT program here is very in-depth and forces you to take a long, hard look at yourself and your actions and want to be a better person because of it. It makes you realize how your decisions affect you and those you love and gives you the tools to deal with situations in a whole new way and to trust yourself to do the right thing. This program is life changing.”


“My stay at AFR was a comfortable and a very educational one. Awesome and professional staff, wonderful facilities, extremely clean and well kept. I felt very safe during an extremely vulnerable time in my life. The MRT program changed my life by showing and giving me the tools to regain control of my life. The detox facility and staff made the time weaning me off of alcohol a good one, I expected worse! Now completing the program I feel more than ready to re-join my family and society as a better person and very equipped to handle life’s challenges. I’m looking forward to a successful life of sobriety, thanks to the AFR team.”

-Gerald K. June 2013

“Upon my arrival at AFR I was to the point of giving up on life. My marriage was over, my finances were gone, my kids no longer were happy, and I was on the edge of a cliff that was my life. All my hopes, dreams, and happiness no longer existed. I had a one way ticket going the wrong way. Once I committed myself to the program my outlook on life began to change. At first it was difficult but the more receptive I was the more I learned about myself and why I ended up in treatment. My self inventory allowed me to mentally and emotionally release all negative feelings I had endured through my life. Once I began my MRT I was feeling at peace. It allowed me to release all my excess baggage and rediscover my inner self. By continuing my climb up the freedom ladder and staying committed to the program, I have been set free. My marriage has been saved, I have an action plan to rebuild my finances, and I am so anxious to see my boys and show them how much dad loves them. So I turned my one way ticket into a ticket to freedom and sobriety”.

– Chad C.    May 2013

“AFR offered me a chance to not only get sober, but to discover who I am without the influence of alcohol. I owe everything to AFR because I am now living in my own skin and loving it. Life is so beautiful once you start feeling your true feelings and emotions, I am alive again.  MRT made me dig deep down and uncover the truths behind my addiction and how to make myself a better person in society, a better wife and mother. It required me to put forth a lot of effort and in return it was well worth the outcome. I will take what I’ve learned and apply it to, my everyday life. I am now ready to accept life on life’s terms. Thank you AFR”.

– Tammie B.   May 2013

“I came to AFR not caring about anything or anybody in my life, didn’t even care about myself.  Then after being here I wanted to leave and I tried everything I could to leave but it didn’t happen and I’m glad I didn’t.  This program has helped me so much.  I learned how to have self- respect for myself once again and I also learned how much my addiction destroyed my life these past few years.  Also the relationships I hurt and destroyed during my addiction and what I need to do to fix and rebuild those relationships. And to accept people and things first for who they are and not what they could be.  I’m much more positive and caring person now and I know how to live a good structured life.  Thank You AFR”.

– Kirt W.  May 2013

“A Forever Recovery helped me to detox my body and turn myself back to me. After several months of continuous drinking I was able to look at the world (limited of course being at AFR) through a sober glass. MRT classes helped me understand the freedom ladder and provided me with step-by-step instructions to further better myself. Cognitive behavior therapy was instrumental in providing me with alternative ways of thinking and identifying negative behaviors which can affect me. Both MRT and CBT facilitators were putting a lot of thought and care into their classes”.

– Elena G.  April 2013

“A Forever Recovery taught me FUN without alcohol. MRT taught me a lot about myself, about my addiction and about why/how I became an addict. MRT taught me honesty, trust, acceptance, awareness, how to heal damaged relationships, learn how to set goals and why setting goals are important and how to listen and trust myself. The self inventory really helped me take a step back and look at the big picture of how badly alcohol took over my life”.

–  Kaela D.  April 2013

“AFR has not only given me a great foundation, but it put structure back into my life.  It also helped me find the underlying issues I had that contributed to my addiction.  Everyone here has lent a helping hand and I do appreciate it”.

– James R.  March 2013

“The structure at AFR is great. It helped me to focus on my Recovery. There are many tools here that allow me to get things off my chest and help better myself. As time went on, I was able to look at the positive in life despite how negative I was at first. Working the steps in MRT has changed me for the better in many ways. I feel like I am a naturally honest and trustworthy person and that I have a good future”.


“A Forever Recovery has shown me that recovery is possible. MRT has shed light on why I used drugs and how I can change. Self- Inventory gave me a way to reflect on my past and why I used drugs. AFR really has given me the tools necessary to stay clean and sober and not relapse. Thank you guys so much for this hard and wonderful experience”.

-Jon T.   February 2013

“AFR has honestly changed my life. Originally when I first came here I really thought it was going to be all about addiction but the truth is, it goes much further than that.  I was able to focus in on my problems surrounding addiction. The MRT program here has taught me the importance of honesty, trust, and acceptance and how applying those in life will lead me to happiness.  Getting all my baggage out in the self inventory really gave me the first step I needed to move forward in recovery.  Every employee at AFR genuinely cares about each client and strives to make them better.  I can’t express how thankful I am for everything”.

-Patrick M.  February 2013

“MRT has truly opened my eyes and allowed me to see the inner-me, that I’m the source of the addiction, but after going through each step and learning something new about myself. I am blessed and grateful to have gone through A Forever Recovery”.

“A Forever Elusive Victory Within”!!!

-Tonya C.         February 2013

“This program has helped me gain clear sense of thinking. Something I haven’t had in a long time. It helped me realize what’s important to me, and what I need to do in order to be happy. Things are the way they should be, this is the way it was meant to be”.

-Michael H.                     January 2013

“A Forever Recovery has helped me rediscover the real man that I am. After the passing of both of my parents and the separation and upcoming divorce from my wife, I was really depressed and really down on myself and had to hide the pain and the feelings I was having. I started drinking really heavily. Since I’ve been here, MRT has opened my eyes to how old behaviors affected me, my life, and family. Before the drinking I could be counted on by almost everyone and I was a great husband. Now that I have my goals and my sobriety, I intend on accomplishing each and every one of them.”


“The MRT program has worked wonders for me. Being a part of Men’s 1 allowed me to get the absolute most out of the MRT program. I apply all the steps in my daily life. I practice honesty now. I trust myself and others. I’ve raised my awareness and realize when I’m in opposition. I realize all the steps and how they apply to my Recovery. I’ve found my identity while being here and I feel so blessed. I’ve came up with an amazing action plan to stay sober which will bring happiness.”

-Christian G.                  December 2012

“When I came to AFR I was a broken woman. I had lost my identity during my narcotic abuse. For the past 3 years I was living life on empty, doing just what I had to do to get by. I had absolutely no idea how to regain control again. At the time I truly didn’t care. Now it’s a different story! I can actually think clearly, and I’m in total control of myself. What an awesome felling! AFR has shown me that life is worth living and doing it sober. I can’t say enough about the MRT program…It works! Going through each step made me realize the mistakes that I’ve made and the people I have hurt along the way. Then it taught me how to repair those relationships I’ve damaged. It gave me all the tools I need to go back out into the world and be a trusting, honest member of society again. My MRT instructor (Stephanie) was fantastic. She truly cares about the clients here.

As for the Blue Book, it helped me realize where my addiction stemmed from. It was no fun at all, bringing up the past but it helped. Through Theophostic prayer and Journey, I have learned to deal with a lot of emotions. All the staff here is wonderful and played some kind of part in my recovery.

Thanks AFR for giving me my life back.”

-Rebecca B.    September 2012

“When I first arrived here at A Forever Recovery I truly felt as if there was no hope for me.  I figured I was meant to live and die a junkie.  I’d been down every street that I never wanted to travel on.  I made myself sick.  I was selfish and worthless.  I didn’t think there was a life without heroin.  I gave this program a chance; knowing that I had nothing to lose.  I learned here at AFR that there really is happiness out there if you just give yourself the chance to experience it.  If there was ever a promise I could make and keep, it’s that.  There really is a new life out there once you put down the drugs.  Absolutely anything is possible if you can just find the courage to love and trust yourself.  Once you are as low as you can go, how much more can you really lose?  You deserve another chance, so give it to yourself.”

-Amanda M.               March 2010

“I came here straight from a 42 day CBT program.  I was not forced or court ordered to come to A Forever Recovery.  I wanted more tools, more time, more knowledge and more sober friends.  I needed whatever it would take to keep me clean.  I heard so many good things about the program at A Forever Recovery so I wanted to check it out and give it a chance.  I was so nervous to do the first inventory and self-discovery.  Upon completing it and burning it I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  At that point I started to realize that I had to let go of my past and live my life today in order for my recovery to be effective.  Sooner than I knew I jumped right into a volleyball game on the beach and was socializing and laughing with other clients.  Already I noticed some change in myself.  I plugged away at my work and made sober friends right away.  Next thing I knew a month had gone by and was on step #1 of my Moral Reconation Therapy program.  It took me 2 weeks to feel like I was really ready to dig into myself and get it out there to my peers.  Honesty is where it all begins.  The MRT has taken me through all aspects of me and my addiction.  I came to A Forever Recovery with no sense of my identity.  Working the steps has helped me find my purpose in life.  How did I not know when I was using, when it was right on the tip of my fingers?  I’ve learned Ican be myself and have fun without using drugs and alcohol.  Happiness has become so easy and natural to me now.  I’m no longer running from my worst enemy – ME!  This place has worked miracles around everyone.  I’ve seen it.  I know.  A Forever Recovery has saved my life.  Maybe it could save yours too.”

-Danielle L.               September 2009