Stephanie July 2013

“I believe that A Forever Recovery has helped me to identify target areas in my life which require improvement. It has been eye-opening to share experiences with individuals coming from all different areas of the country, recovering from all types of drugs, having different experiences with family and friends.

Having the ability to connect with others through class, [MRT], music therapy, and emerging thoughts, anger management, was an opportunity to identify all sorts of different triggers throughout an individual’s daily life. I believe this is extremely important in helping someone in recovery openly gain “real life” experience in/with handling everyday situations without having to look towards “drugs” as an escape.

The program offers alternatives to the drug-escape type mindset. Offering sober living as an option for aftercare I believe gives people hope for maintaining sobriety in a safe environment. I think allowing individuals in recovery to become friends allows them to form bonds and feel more secure about relocation.

I am so grateful that I was given an alternative to state-based punishment. AFR offers a completely different, much healthier option to weaning off of a substance alone, in a hospital setting, or even in some outpatient services. AFR is a more “all in one” type of rehabilitation, offering all types of services- gym access, volleyball, boat trips, class, motivational speaking, spiritual guidance, and all the food you can eat. Counseling is available, client-behavior services maintain structure within the program, and offer regulation. It is truly a life-saving experience.”

Stephanie R. July 5th, 2013