Seth August 2014

“A Forever Recovery has helped me find trust and confidence within myself. I feel like I can do anything I can if I set my mind to it. I have goals in my life now and I feel very motivated to achieve them. I don’t think I’ve ever had goals in my life to begin with. The skills that I learned from here, I am prepared to take on any challenge, not just drugs and alcohol, but things that are going to challenge me mentally in the future. MRT helped me the most. I was going to bullshit my way through this program when I got here, but my Men’s One MRT really put a stop to that. I could already see myself changing after Step 2. Most of my motivation came from Men’s one and I really am excited to show my family and the world that I am a changed man. Thank you AFR, you have changed and saved my life.”

-Seth B.