Scott March 2015

“When I arrived at AFR I was filed with anger, sadness, and confusion. I was unable to express those emotions and resorted in many years of stress and anxiety. One of my first goals here was to understand the importance of expressing these emotions. By expressing theses emotions, it does not mean that I am a weak individual. It means that I’ve developed a healthy balance of listening to my head and my inner force. This process began on 2/25/2015 when I had a journey session with Todd. As a result of the “journey” I realized that my drinking was the result of holding in my sadness, anger, and confusion. This was further solidified when I attended prayer therapy with Marie. It was after this session on 3/9/15 that I felt inner peace with my anger, sadness, and confusion. I will be forever thankful for Todd and Marie. The 15 hours I spent in MRT taught me how to trust my peers in Men’s One. Every step that I completed in Men’s One strengthened the previous step. The most important step to me was step five. Until completing this step, I never realized how much I hurt the people that I am closest with. This step was final piece of the puzzle that put the previous steps together. The understanding I learned of trusting my inner force was strengthened after the step. I will be forever grateful for AFR, my peers, counselor, case manager, facilitators, and Pam for this program. I will be leaving here ad a better person, a loving and responsible husband and a loving and caring dad. Thank you AFR for new beings.”

-Scott G. 3/17/2015