Sandras Success Story

January 6, 2012

When I first arrived at A Forever Recovery, I was a living, walking, breathing nightmare- scared, sick, and full of rage are some of the things that come to mind.  It’s been seven life-changing weeks.  However, this journey would not be possible without Moral Reconation Therapy, Self-Inventory, and an extremely dedicated, caring staff.

An excerpt from the MRT book states, “The wicked run when no one chases them.”  For years and years I ran- I ran to the point of mind-altering exhaustion.  I ran so far and for so long, finally broken in mind, body, and spirit, it was time to stop, if for no other reason than to catch my breath.  However, I kept telling myself, “Keep going… just one more step… just get further away.”  I didn’t know how to stop, and I would probably still be running if not for A Forever Recovery.  I have found a new direction, a new hope, and newfound reason for going home.

I have packed my bags, tied my shoes, have my hand on the door knob, and am ready to start my move.  The items in my suitcase are intangible.  Let’s call them tools, doing things for the right reasons- justice, dignity, self-respect, and the care and concern for others.  So here I am, walking through the door, suitcase in tow, sobriety and freedom under my arm.  Thank you, you gave my parents back their daughter, my sister back her sister, my son back his mother, and importantly, me back my life.

-Sandra K.