Ryan February 2013

“I came to AFR and truly was at rock bottom morally, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I came as a last resort to see what was possible in a world away from the prison formed through the use of drugs and alcohol. Through self inventory I was able to expose and re-surface all of the malicious, emotion and self-destructive thoughts that I had amassed and suppressed. I felt a new clarity as the shroud of self deceit was lifting and was ready to approach the twelve-steps of MRT. As I progressed daily with my MRT group and counselor, I learned more and more about myself and approached each day with clearness of heart and mind. Through the twelve steps I rose from the pit of self deceit by overcoming dishonesty and being trustworthy. I learned to accept the world around me and made a moral decision to live life on life’s terms. Through self evaluation and heart I, through MRT, began to heal damaged relationships and found a true sense of joy in the helping of others.  With a new sense of self value and confidence I formulated goals to give my life a new direction and a sense of hope for a future in sobriety and serenity. Ending with a sincere commitment to change and full reflection on the teaching of the MRT program I found a clear sense of identity and sense of self. I feel better and healthier everyday and have only supreme optimism for the future. AFR has saved my life. I had lost myself, my identity, my sense of purpose and my soul. Today I walk confidently, serenely, and have hope for a life to live beyond my wildest dreams. I have decided with my new found of state of mind to continue to pursue recovery to sober living. I leave my home of 25 years on the east coast to pursue a new life in the western Rocky Mountains. Until I came to AFR I thought I was born in the winter of 88’. I was born in the winter of 2013. If I see far today it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants”.

– Ryan S.