Robert Steptember 2013

“This is my perspective, honest perspective, on my time here at AFR. My experience here at AFR has truly been life changing. My perspective on the program changed after Step 3. When I arrived at Detox I was still in a “grey area” on whether or not I would buy into the MRT process. In Steps 1 and 2 seeing how dishonesty and untrustworthiness affected others really opened my eyes. That’s when I started understanding the process and the foundation of inner-self as being at the core of the process. I have seen psychiatrist, psychologists, counselors and many, many AA meetings. I was always looking for the “silver bullet” to free me from my alcoholism. Until I came to AFR and got immersed in the MRT process I never realized that “silver bullet” resided in me the whole time. The “silver bullet” is my inner-self and my core values that reside there. These core values have been buried by my years of alcoholism. Instead of these core values being part of my decision making process my addiction was in charge. This obviously led to decisions that caused a lot of pain, worry and anxiety to the people that I love dearly. AFR and the MRT process has put my core values back as the central part of my decision making process. It has given me the sense of internal peacefulness and contentment I have been searching for a long time. I feel I will be absolutely able to this forward when I leave AFR and provide me with a happy, healthy, sober life going forward. Thanks.”

-Robert M. 9-03-13