Robert March 2015

“I came to AFR completely lost. I was only concerned about getting high and didn’t care what it took to get it. I damaged relationships with my family, my girlfriend, at my job, and especially with myself. I hated who I was but I was hopeless to any possibility of change. When I made the decision to come to AFR it was entirely circumstantial. If I didn’t screw up so bad I would have never committed to it. I’m very thankful that those circumstances occurred now. When I first got to AFR I immediately felt welcomed. Withdraw staff was incredibly patient with me and made me feel like I was no longer alone. My peers were that much better for me and we built a “detox family” while there. After transitioning to the big house I became overwhelmed and fearful that I’d never have the energy or the motivation to complete the work. Once again my peers saved me. Everyone was so unbelievably helpful and in great spirits. When I began my MRT process it first became clear how badly I screwed up my life. I was in a constant state of opposition. I was untrustworthy, and I was completely disloyal to everyone in my life. After that awareness was brought to my attention I was given the tools to start moving forward to build a productive lifestyle, with the help of my counselors, case managers, facilitators, focus groups and tracks I started realize my life without drugs is exactly what I wanted began listening to my inner self which I ignored for far too long and the ways I could accomplish this slowly but surely became clear to me. I knew if I returned home immediately after AFR that I would eventually fall down a slippery slope which would involve me to relapse. I’m very thankful to have had this opportunity here at AFR and I am amazed at how willing every staff member is to help me through the process. AFR helped me became whole again; emotionally, mentally and physically.”


-Robert S. 3/6/2015