Peter March 2015

“I was afraid to come here as I have been using for a long time. I tried many times to stop but with no prevail. When I finally made the decision to come I was hopeful that I would get the help I needed. Upon arrival I was greeted with passion, security made it as comfortable as possible, Detox, worked wonders for me the staff all involved helped me clean out my body and begin clearing my mind they tended to all my needs. The blue book was panting for me but began opening memories and putting things into perspective. When I got my red book I was overwhelmed all over again but after I finished my first step and was greeted by so many different people I began to get comfortable and realized I was not the crazy person . My MRT group and advisor Chris opened the door to my success. Step after step my peers and advisor helped me open my eyes after step three I really have a solid grasp on my inner self. Step after step the group became family helping in every way not just class stuff. I am thankful for this program it is my first time ever getting help but I now know it is important to trust peers, facilitators, counselors, case mangers to be successful. I am ready to take a fresh breathe without hesitation and fear, as Jesus is now alive in me again. Thank you.”

– Peter M.  3/6/2015