Paul February 2015

“First off AFR brought me out of my active addiction, tossed me into sobriety I so desperately needed. After detox, being brought to the actual program  with other peers with absolute kindness and more importantly, the same problems as I do , has severely brought me out of my shell and back to the happy, good-spirited person I was before my active addiction. AFR has really changed my whole process of thinking, in that I no longer look at what I don’t have and to be blessed for the things I do. With my new found sobriety, so many windows have opened and my future is looking brighter than it ever has. MRT has really gotten to the rest of why I began drinking in the first place, opened my eyes to the foul person I had become, and gave the tool to fix it, and rebuild my future. I have never achieved determination in my life but after going through the wonderful program that I have, I am one hundred percent confident in who I am in life, and there I will continue to go.”

-Paul N 2/20/2015