Patricia April 2014

“What comes to mind is “I once was lost but now I’m found!” When I came to AFR I had no idea of who I had become. I didn’t even know what to do to find that person who I had lost in my addiction so many years ago. I had lost my faith, felt like I wasn’t deserving of God’s love. Through celebrate recovery and my counseling I was able to regain my faith prayer which Marie helped me find a love for Jesus that I can’t explain the feeling to you. If I had to pick a word for it, it would be “Amazing!” MRT helped me to realize just how much I had messed things up in my life. I became aware of how much I was hurting myself as well as others who loved me. I was at my lowest, I was desperately hated every day, I was cheating, lying, angry ECT. I became willing to trust the program and be honest, I wanted a new way of life I was tired of being sick and tired. I began to work the steps. I began to change. I started feeling again and I had no way to suppress their feelings as I had to deal with them. This felt strange for me in the beginning but then it started to feel good to cry. My soul needed that. I found that inner self and began to listen to her. I knew she was always there I just told her to shut up a lot of times in my addiction. Because I felt like I had let her down also. Guess what? I don’t shut her up anymore. I listen and that feels good. I was able to see how I had destroyed relationships in my life. What I was going to do for the ones that were worth saving. Some relationships I just had choose to let go of because they weren’t good for my recovery. For a long time in my life I didn’t have my own goals it was what somebody else did. Today through working the steps I have goals. I have the goals I need to go out into the real world and be a productive member of society. I have the goals to stay clean one day at a time. For this I’m truly grateful to AFR.”

Patricia S.