Nolan January 2015

“I thought I had the right idea about myself, I thought that I knew myself well enough and that the way I was, was the way I’d always be. I thought I was going to drink myself to death and that everyone would be better off without me around, screwing up and breaking everything I touched. After being here I feel worthy of the times I have and I feel happy with the person that I really am. I feel confident to make decisions and not question why I made that call further on down the line. I felt like my life was in a state of despair so far past the point of no return that even trying to do better was a waste of time. Now I know that every moment of everyday is worth fighting for. Everything I do now has a reason and those reasons add up to a bigger picture, a greater good. I’ve learned that the people in my corner had never given up on me but instead I had pushed them away. Assuming they didn’t want to be around me, but in reality it was me that didn’t want to be around me. MRT has helped me to understand why I had the feelings I did, that caused me to have the false beliefs I had that led me to take action, that action being drinking and the affects is hard on myself and those around me. This program has helped me immensely in not wanting to fall back into drinking, and being aware of why I did and why I won’t again. It’s made me understand that looking forward is always your best bet. As the past cannot be undone and the choices I make in the present make my future better and better. I am ready to live my life to the fullest extent humanly possible, one day at a time.”

-Nolan D. 1/30/2015