Melissa December 2014

“When I first got to AFR, I was completely resistant and stubborn. I was intervened and really didn’t want to come here but I have no other choice. I wasn’t ready to change. I was doing this for my parents. After a few weeks here at AFR I realized that I wanted something with my life, I didn’t want to be a using drug addict any longer. I realized I had many more issues then I would have ever known. In MRT I had to start making goals for myself, at this point in the program I was feeling confident in myself. My goals made me feel like I have something to look forward to in my life. What a great but scary feeling it is. Having a strict schedule is very important for my sobriety, I need to have very little free time to keep busy and keep my mind off bad things. I’m so much more a drug addict and I realize this now, I’m a smart beautiful loyal woman who has a bright future ahead. Without AFR I would have never felt this way about myself or recovery, I have the tools to do the right thing now and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks AFR”

-Melissa Dacey December 2014