Matthew February 2015

“I hadn’t planned on coming to Michigan or AFR originally but am sure glad now that I had. This was my first rehab treatment and with the tools I’ve learned here am confident it will be my last. After talking to many of my peers here who have been to many other treatment centers I realized how this program was truly different and not the same traditional twelve steps I knew of. The MRT program really gets you to the core of your issues, makes you think, and evaluate your life. I was tracking down a dark path had almost lost two homes, my wife/family and could have lost my life. AFR has given me a renewed sense of hope and helped me to dig out of the trench I had dug for myself. Now that I’m clean and sober I’ve been able to have the chance to regain my family including the trust of my wife, reestablished financial stability saving both my homes from foreclosure and have a brighter more positive outlook at life. The staff, facility and program here is second to none. Thank you AFR for giving me back the life I thought I had lost and had given up on.”
-Matthew C 2/6/2015