Margaret August 2014

“Before I came to AFR I hated myself and absolutely hated the way I was living my life. I thought that I was going to be stuck in my hometown forever and stuck in a whirlwind of bad relationships and drugs and alcohol. The only coping skills I utilize were running away and drowning problems with drugs and alcohol. AFR has taught me that there is more to life than all of that. I have completely changed as a person. I have learned to accept things I can’t change. I have learned to cope with my anger in better ways then just exploding. I have learned that even though I continued to engage in activities I enjoyed doing, I wasn’t truly there. I have learned that being a functioning alcoholic is more of a frightening thing than something to glorify. I have learned to trust people and talk about things on my mind openly and honestly. People aren’t going to judge me. They will respect me and be prideful that I shared. If they do judge me, they will be judged by a power greater than me or them. I learned how to communicate with my family and others in a cool, calm and collected manner, and how to take a time out if emotions escalate. This was so huge for me because in the past, I was a master manipulator and would throw a tantrum if I didn’t get my way. I have also learned how to use my past as a lesson to learn from rather than dwelling on every mistake I made. The most important thing learned from AFR is to love myself again. I trust myself again to make positive and responsible choices. I have been honest in every aspect of my recovery with myself, even the things I didn’t want to be honest about. I rediscovered my inner self, which I hope to never lose touch with again. I have come to understand the meaning of gratitude and that in order to maintain happier, I have to commit to selfless acts and help others. I rediscovered the Maggie that I really am! P.S. I am fun sober!”

Maggie P.