Laura 2012

I came to AFR broken and hopeless. I has no hope or dreams. I was embraced from the minute I walked through the doors into the vast lobby. With fear in my eyes, I realized a sense of comfort and trust. The Self-Inventory was not only thorough, it was extremely thought provoking. I took my time and got honest for the first time in my life. Behaviors and acts I thought I would go to my grave with flowed out of me with very little effort. Upon getting the “Red Book” I noticed immediately this program is different. The Freedom Ladder Steps helped me to take genuine responsibility for my actions in addiction and face my untrustworthiness. I was accepted and not judged by my Women’s Group and Stephanie. I set goal and learned they were obtainable. I have been given every tool possible to create a life with purpose, passion and substance free. I, head on, faced my pain and though Rene’e’s guidance, found my voice. With Marie, I turned to the light of Christ and He entered my heart to stay. I appreciate all the insight from the carefully selected staff. Each member showed their concern, shared their wisdom and loved the unloved. I will forever be grateful for this experience. Its been an honor and privilege to be a client. Thank you for giving my family peace of mind and giving me a life.

-Laura W.