Keenan R May 2014

“Arriving here at AFR, I had hit my bottom. I was drinking almost every day, mixing that with xanax, blacking out, driving under the influence, working drunk, exercising drunk, my life revolved around my next drink and I was on the brink of death.

When I arrived in Michigan I immediately judged everything the facility, the clients, the staff, everything. I used every excuse to not look at the real issue at hand, myself. Through talking to Jen in detox, other clients/staff, and my family I looked past the aesthetics and accepted my environment and allowed myself to be vulnerable.

I began talking to other clients and the staff and realizing similarities rather than differences I opened up about my feelings and told my story for what it was not holding anything back. When I arrived at the main facility I spent an extensive amount of time on my blue book conducting a searching and fearless moral inventory which further relieved me spiritually, mentally, and physically. In counseling I explored my needs, who I am as an individual, and the importance my family plays in my recovery. In MRT I stepped outside zone; sharing my experiences with the group and pinpointing my disloyalty, false beliefs, and damaged relationship.

All in all, my 2 months here at AFR set a solid foundation for my recovery, opening my eyes to my addiction and learning who I am as an individual.”

-Keenan R. May ’14