John July 2014

“Before coming to AFR, I had no direction in my life as well as no structure. I saw absolutely no benefits from living sober other than what other people thought of me. After completing this program, I have learned that I can be successful in life. I learned that I can be motivational towards others. People can look up to me. Prior to coming here I sincerely believed that drugs were my only problem. I didn’t think there were really any underlying issues. I thought that I did drugs because I was bored and that’s it. When in reality that may have been a factor, but that’s it. I now know that my way of thinking was the problem. Not just the drugs. MRT exploits everything about you. Not just your problems and weaknesses, but also your success and strengths. It gave me hope that I can be a dependent, successful member of society. I honestly feel that if I went to any other program and worked anything else other than MRT, then I could have just gone thought the motions and not honestly worked on my real issues. I would have only worked on my drug issues. I sincerely thank AFR for changing my outlook on life and giving me hope that I can do this.”

-John H.   7-2-14