Joanne August 2014

“I came to AFR BROKEN. I had no positive direction in life. I had a lot of shame, a lot of guilt. I was real down on myself. I had been to AFR before for pills; I was okay for a time after I left. There was a sudden tragic death in my family and grieving, I picked up alcohol, with the false beliefs that it was ok since I was addicted to pills not alcohol. Eighteen months into it I called my aftercare specialist and came back. I got so much out of the program that I apparently resisted the last time. The blue book opened up my mind; it made me think back to different situations in my life (good and bad). Then the chapters in the red book were a little more specific on some areas in my life, and I had to be more specific as well. The whole MRT process was amazing, it wasn’t always fun to go to those places about yourself and really dig deep, and admitting your faults but finding ways to let them go and avoid them in the future was beyond belief. Things that we always were capable of but for one reason or another chose different options. I am leaving with mixed emotions, it’s kind of scary knowing what’s out there, but I have the tools, the knowledge to make this work and I have an awesome support system for when I’m feeling vulnerable.”

Joanne C.