Jenness March 2014

“MRT has taught me that happiness is something that comes from within and that I have an inner self who knows what is best for me. Women’s group taught me that I actually get along great with other recovering women and that I can trust them. I know now that I can trust myself to make good decisions and be confident in the person I am. AFR has helped me to get back to health and put structure back into my everyday life and take the steps I need to go back into the community. They have helped me to set real goals for myself and realize that I’m capable of achieving them. They taught me that there’s a better way to live than to get high everyday and that getting high never gave me what I wanted anyways and only brought me down and turned me into a person I never intended on being. They taught me that it’s okay to be in touch with my emotions and it’s okay to have bad days and that you just have to handle them in the right way. They taught me how to love myself again when I didn’t think it was possible for me.”

-Jenness W. 3/31/14