James December 2012

I’ve came to believe that I am not my behaviors, that I can recognize and change those outward behaviors to better reflect who I really am. I’ve come to strengthen my relationship with my inner self and trust the basic goodness within me. That trust builds the confidence to be who I am in the world.

I am on the path to being entirely present and be a leader in my own life. I have goals that reflect my true values, and action plans to reach them.  My life is no longer just ‘all about me’. I look for opportunities to help and give to others.

I really do have a chance at a better way of life. I’m thankful to have arrived at AFR, done the work and came to believe in myself.

There are two things I’ve always wanted for myself, but was never able to achieve. The first was to get back to and trust who I really am. The second was to let myself out: to speak, act, and live from that genuine strength and presence. AFR has shown me how to do that in a very real way that I can carry forward for the rest of my life.

-James C.