Erins Story 2014

“AFR has given me the gift of seeing my true me, my true attributes, passions and dreams that I masked with false beliefs, feelings of anger, pain, self-pity, and depression. At one time, I was told I had a disease but I have come to know that’s NOT true. Addiction is a symptom of which we created to cover all of our emotions brought on by events in our life. In mine, it began in early childhood, when I began learning unhealthy behaviors and false beliefs about how the world was around me. AFR ripped me raw and gave me the tools to change my negative thinking and my beliefs so I can live in harmony with myself without drinking or using. MRT (Women’s) made a huge impact on me by walking me though step by step. Opening up and admitting my dishonesty and untrustworthiness was a relief! Knowing other women have been through similar things, gave me hope and inspiration. Each day, I began to feel “lighter”, happier, more hopeful and confident. Faith Based with Ms. Dahlia helped me reconnect with God through song and praise. CBT taught me how to think positive and how negative thoughts become negative actions. Likewise- Positive thoughts become positive actions. I now understand how critical it is to get rid of our “baggage” before we could truly grasp change. I did the hard work, but God provided AFR and blessed the employees. This was truly a gift that keeps accepting it and using the tools I learned in my life everyday!”

-Erin L. 02/01/2014