Elizabeth February 2014

“AFR has loved me until I was able to love myself. I came here not wanting to die, but not wanting to live this way any longer. MRT was the light I have been needing to illuminate all the darkness in myself. It was the tools I learned in MRT that gave me goals, taught me about the “holes” in my thought pattern. The people who work here have been in my shoes. So the love and advice they gave me makes sense. The most dangerous people in this world are those that want to change everything or nothing at all. I now want to change the things in my life that haven’t worked, and keep the love and support I’ve always had but never recognized. AFR’s treatment program has showed me that drugs are only about 10% of my problem. MY inability to deal with the emotional trauma in my past is why I was here. I have faced my issues and although this is just the beginning of my new normal, this light has been just the right shade of bright to show me a new direction.”

Elizabeth W.