David October 2013

“Before I came to AFR I was broken, beat down and did not care if I lived or died. I had forgotten and almost lost all of the things I held dear in my life. I was a complete slave to my addiction. I could no longer see what truly made me happy. Now my eyes are open wide and I see the lights and it’s bright! I have found a new way of life, without the use of drugs and alcohol. Yes, I am so overjoyed to be free of the chains of addiction, but more so, I am ecstatic about my future and what it holds for me. I now have goals and aspirations for my life and they are all achievable. Through working the steps of the MRT program I broke down the walls that I had built around me. At the same time it built in me honesty, open mind-ness, trust, self-esteem, willingness and so much more. MRT has given me the ability to be able to start healing all of the relationships I destroyed in my active addiction. Above all else MRT gave me the tools to success in my recovery, not only recovery from my addiction but also recovery for my biggest problem, me. I now have a newfound hope and zest for life I have never felt before. I now know I can and will live life happy, content and to its full potential. Thank you AFR for saving my life, for I now know, without a shadow of doubt, it is a life worth living.”

-David V. 10-22-13