Cameron February 2013

“Through the MRT program and my self-discovery I have acquired the following things: I have now discovered that I had many false beliefs that had tainted my personality.  I realized that through my addiction I blindly was damaging myself and the loved ones, colleagues, and friends I had.  I had no strong sense of spirituality or any way of looking deep into my soul until now.  I have a stronger sense of self- worth and a stronger bond with my higher power. I have set attainable goals that will better build and mold a stronger identity that will ultimately lead me to happiness.  I have recognized that along with these things that I was blind all the while I was learning to see the true me.  I have discovered that along with the previously mentioned that a healthy state of physical being also works in tandem with a healthy state of mind. These together work to feed one another to create an even balance.  I have a stronger bond with my family that I haven’t had in and through my alcoholism in a very long time. I feel whole again and ready to take on the world through a new pair of eyes that see the goodness in all things and the knowledge to make the right decisions and know the difference”.

-Cameron V.