Bill June 2015

“Before I got to AFR I had been using & drinking for the past six and a half years. My life was looking pretty bad, my wife divorced me and my relationship with my kids was not good. When I first got here I was not in a good place spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. But things got better each day I stared living in the moment one day at a time. First thing I learned is that I don’t have to live in the past anymore. This program has built me up to become a new man. I know now that with honesty most everything falls into place, I can now trust myself and accept the things I have no control over. I have found the real me, an individual that can show love, kindness and gratitude. I now have a choice in all the decisions I make and I am able to forgive myself and others. I also have goals that are realistic and achievable; I can rebuild relationships by my actions, not words. I am accountable for everything in my life and take full responsibility for that. This program has given me my life back. I am now rebuilding my life spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.”

Bill L. 6/18/2015