April May 2012

AFR has been a completely life and mind altering experience for me. I came in hoping and needing to be shown a new realistic way to live that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol. I’ve been to treatment before so i had a general idea of what was ahead as it applies to the 12 step meetings, relapse prevention, things of that nature. What I didn’t understand was how to really find out what caused me to use in the first place. I knew that going through depression and bulimia played a role in my initial search for drugs, but understanding why I felt such a need was beyond my understanding. MRT, Self-Inventory, counseling, and my Journey’s with Todd have given me the best understanding of who I am and how I feel than I’ve ever had in my life. This program forced me to question my way of reasoning. To be honest about not just what I’d done in the past, but how I felt during/before I acted, how I felt after, and what actions I continued with because of my emotions and feelings towards myself and others. I didn’t realize how truly distrustful I was of myself and others. I’d formed expectations of people that kept me from wanting to connect with anyone new. I got used to holding how I felt from the people who actually did love me, and accepting the worst from the people I needed that I’d lost my identity, and the will to change.

After my 30 days in jail I knew I needed help. I’d lost control of my life again. I don’t want that to be my life anymore and the beauty of AFR is that my old way of living isn’t and doesn’t have to be my “new way of life”. I haven’t felt this in control of myself, my thoughts, and my future EVER! I feel so beautiful inside, its making me want to just share it with everyone and let them know it’s possible. I’ve worked my hardest here to get what I could get from this program and my time here. My end result is something I couldn’t have even imagined. I feel continued support from staff and clients, I’m leaving with an realistic”plan of attack for my life”, and I’m confident, I understand what I need to do. I am as prepared as I can be to walk out these doors. I’m still nervous and have a healthy fear, but I also leave with determination, hope, and Happiness. I’m ready to keep working and keep learning. “It’s my life and I’m gonna live it”! Thank You AFR!

-April B.