Andrew March 2012

Every journey has a starting point. My road to recovery and journey into a life of sobriety started at AFR. I am so thankful for the staff that were a part of my recovery, all the way from intake to aftercare. Making the decision to actually go to rehab was one that was hard to make, but I am so glad I did. There is no way that I could have gotten sober on my own. AFR not only showed me a new way to live, but gave me the sanctuary that I needed to start my healing and recovery process. It is truly a safe place where I was able to get totally honest with myself and others. I know that if I would have tried it on my own, the alcohol would have won. instead, AFR showed me the importance of making my recovery  a lifestyle and the right way to live. I am so grateful for the Blue Book and the MRT program that helped refocus and give new direction to my life.

In addition, the support of my counselor and attending track each night helped my recovery by challenging me to share my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Again, AFR was my safe haven where I fully gave myself to recovery, and let God back into my life. Since leaving, I have been very active in AA and Celebrate Recovery. AFR gave me the foundation on which I am building on everyday. I look forward to coming back to visit and attend graduations. God bless AFR and the work you do to make recovery and sobriety a reality.

-Andrew S.