Amy March 2015

“Thank you AFR for changing my life. I came here broken, hopeless, angry, and fearful and had absolutely no self esteem. I was drinking absurd amounts of alcohols to mask my pain. I was also taking five different prescription narcotics to ease my anxiety and depression. I never looked at the core of my problems, I just tried to hide them or cover them up. I made a few amazing self-discoveries while completing the blue book and shared my deepest darkest secrets for the first time ever. Getting these secrets off my chest was freeing and liberating. For the first time in my life I realized that my adult behavior and addiction related directly to childhood trauma that I been hiding all these years. As I began to work through the MRT program, I learned countless skills to use in my daily life as I maintain my sobriety. I am beginning to forgive, and trust and love myself again. I understand that my past does not define who I am as a person. I will return to my high standards or morality, being honest and trustworthy in all I do. I learned that there is no need to worry about things I cannot control. I will no longer live in opposition. I will work on practicing acceptance every day. I now know specific steps and actions that I must take to heal my damaged relationships. Lastly, I understand the importance of settling and achieving both short and long term goals. I appreciated the different evening track options. I truly enjoyed indigenous and Holistic. I have gained knowledge and skills from both that I will take home with me. I love every staff member that I came in contact with! I would personally like to thank Chris, my facilitator Joe, my counselor, Arlene, My case manager, John my aftercare specialist and indigenous leader and Todd, our holistic leader. I have also made lifelong friends in my peers this is an amazing program and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Amy H. 3/20/2015