Alison April 2014

“When I first came to AFR I did not want to be here I called my parents, talked to every staff member trying to leave. I said I didn’t sign up for this and I don’t need all this program I just need time away from the drug, and I’d be fine. I struggled to want to go to group and even participate. Then I actually went to a couple MRT groups and did my first step. After that everything changed. My entire outlook on getting clean and this program change. I totally invested myself in my recovery. The MRT program has completely changed me for the better I realized that drugs weren’t my problem, my attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors were and the drugs were a byproduct of those. I learned how I was disloyal to myself and others. How I was letting my false beliefs control me and I was ignoring my inner self. My entire life I had been faking who I was to make others happy and gain acceptance. I also became aware of the things I do and why I do them. I began to heal relationships I have damaged, including the one with myself. Learning to change my thinking, setting goals, making a plan, having healthy relationships are all things that will lead me to success in recovery and life. I now love myself and know that I am worthy of a great life. I will not settle for anything else. This is my mind, this program works and I will stay sober and have the great life I was meant to have.”

Alison B.