Aaron December 2014

“Upon coming here I was coming off a two month relapse after just leaving a six month program. Leaving that rehab I had the mindset that I could still do certain things my way. Well that didn’t work out too well. I was even still thinking that coming through the doors of AFR because I did the MRT before I thought I could come here and cut corners and bs my way through. Tell the staff what they wanted to hear or what I thought they wanted to hear to breeze through. Well let me tell you that’s not what happened. God had a different plan for me. You know this is the only rehab facility that has the track faith based and celebrate recovery. Yeah I didn’t know that either. So let me get back to my story. So all these old behaviors came creeping up on me and I started to act out on them. Why, because I was doing what I wanted, not following god, and not taking suggestions I should have. So I got myself in a situation the where I almost got kicked out. Like I said god had a plan for me. He took things away that I couldn’t do myself. So I got put on zero tolerance and had to get down and dirty in my recovery. I started to go to faith base every night and going to church every Sunday. I started to take MRT more seriously. I started to take counselors, case managers and facilitators more seriously. I know when they pulled me into that staff meeting that I had to buckle down. I was very grateful because I was ready to give up on myself, but the staff and Pam was not. They seen stuff in me that I couldn’t see in myself. I appreciate that so much! Since then, since getting God back in my life I’ve made a total 180. Those old behaviors are simply going away and being replaced with more fruitful ones. I can love myself today because God loves me. I no longer feel that guilt and shame of the past because that’s who I was, that’s not who I am today. I am a new creation. I am a solider of the lord. I don’t live in fear any longer because I’m rocking with the Big G! I am a better man today than I ever was. I’m excited about living life, not miserable to just exist. Leaving here I am going to teen challenge to further my relationship and life with God. To walk in his presence! To let his light shine through me. I just want to thank the lord my savior Jesus Christ and this program for helping me find a purpose in LIFE! Thank God and AFR.”

Aaron M 12/26/2014