Todd Korteway, CADC, MRT, Journey Practitioner


The Journey Process

Even with all the technology in our lives today we are still far too committed and live in constant anxiety, stress and fear. During the course of our lives we will have many experiences; some exceptional and others unpredictable that will impact us often causing changes in the patterns of everyday living. Each event whether it be a physical ailment or injury, mental overload or a suppression of emotion causes a shutdown within our bodies. Science has discovered these shutdowns contribute to illness, disease and unhealthy patterns in our lives. This creates blocks and limitations that prevent us from living full, joyful and fulfilling lives. These shutdowns can appear in our lives in many ways as displayed in the following examples:

 Depression  ADHD / ADD  Insomnia  Low Self-esteem  Anxiety or Panic Attacks Emotional/Physical Issues  Anger / Stress  Addictions – such as food, sex, etc

 Relationship / Behavior Problems at home, work or school

 Alcohol / Substance / Physical Abuse

Now there is a way one can greatly reduce or eliminate the unhealthy patterns we are living moving beyond those limitations and opening into the endless possibility of living a more positive, healthy and fulfilling life. This is all possible through a process called The Journey and it is being used in countries all over the world. The Journey is an elegant and powerfully-guided introspection of oneself. Allowing anyone to access their own body intelligence and wisdom gaining insight into what motivates you and more importantly what may be holding you back in life. Through this technique, you can gain direct access to root causes of long-standing emotional and physical behaviors or issues and making a conscious choice to release them once and for all.