Greg Hayes, MA, LLPC, Counselor


Gregory J. Hayes, MA, LLPC

I have always had a passion for working with people.   While I have done many different things in my professional career, the passion of working with people has been the centerpiece of that work.  This passion was born and raised within my family where my parents not only in their professional lives but in their lives outside of work showed a respect for the dignity and worth of each person whom they encountered.  They also showed the value of helping others can be a fulfilling and rewarding life.

I have had the experience of working in an emergency and trauma center, where in collaboration of nurses, doctors, technicians and other professional we were able to help those who came to us.  Many came for more than just medical needs.  It was here I became interested in the process of helping others to heal the mind, body and spirit.  It was here where I discovered a calling to serve others.

In investigating how I could help others to heal the mind, body and spirit, I discovered an educational program that would help to develop and improve those traits I had.   I enrolled in the counselor education program at Western Michigan University.  Seeing the need to enhance this course of study, I also completed a graduate level certificate program in addiction studies at Western Michigan University.  Having completed these programs has helped me to be able to help other help themselves.

I have the experience of living in recovery.  I know what it means to live with the consequences of life’s past events and how making changes can seem to be a difficult task.  I know that change can be hard, frustrating and filled with challenges.  I also know that change can lead to a new outlook on life and a new understanding of who I am and what is my part in the world.

Life is a journey of discovery.  Often we may go astray and need help to get back on our path or need help in finding a different path.  While we need to understand it is a personal and unique journey, we do not have to be alone in that journey and that if we let them, there are others who can help us along the way.  As I counselor, I see myself as one who can help in that journey of discovery, helping others to discovery who they are and allowing them to discover how they can heal their mind body and spirit.