Katherine Maestas, DP- C, MRT, Case Manager


Hello, my name is Katherine Maestas and I am currently a Case Manager and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Facilitator at A Forever Recovery in Battle Creek, Michigan.  I have been with the company for two years, and I have worked several positions including Withdraw Administrator, Aftercare Specialist, and Group Therapy Facilitator.  I am currently working on my Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor license to become a counselor.

I am a former patient of AFR, and since I attended the program, my life has completely turned around.  My addiction started in early adolescence, and my abuse quickly spiraled out of control.   Stimulants were my first drug of choice; however I rapidly escalated within the lifestyle and began an addiction to opiates.  I had attempted to get clean on my own, through Narcotics Anonymous and other treatment centers, but none of them really addressed my underlying issues.

When I arrived at A Forever Recovery, I understood this program was different.  With a combination of MRT and the different modalities offered, I customized my recovery to fit my needs.  Through the program I reconnected with my inner-self. For the first time in my adult life I was able to begin a foundation towards redevelopment through the implementation of honesty, trust, and acceptance. The quality of care was impeccable, and as an employee now, I strive to upkeep the high standards that I felt when I was a patient here.