Emily Trudell, DP-C, MRT, Case Manager


My name is Emily Trudell, and I am from Green Bay Wisconsin. I began my employment with A Forever Recovery in the Detox Facility where I worked as Withdrawal Specialist, a Supervisor, and eventually the Administrator. I currently work as a Case Manager and MRT Facilitator. My life has not always been riddled with achievement, and positive growth. For 10 years I was enslaved to destruction, finding my niche with dark the underbelly of society. By the age of 13 I was fully equipped with a drug addiction, and ready to destroy any glimmer of hope offered to me. I developed numerous addictions, and the idea of “being sober” became a foreign concept. I spent years in and out of treatment centers, psychiatric wards, jails, emergency rooms, and placement homes. Towards the end of my 9th year in addiction a, then, sad reality began to surface. I realized I was not “successful” or “good” at being a drug addict.. I started to think about the times that drugs had nearly killed me, and all of the dangerous situations I had survived. I began to grasp the fact that I was not created to be an addict, and that if I had survived through the torment I subjected myself to, there must be a reason for it. For the very first time I chose to get help. I was skeptical at first, as I had been in 12 prior treatment centers, however, it did not take long to see what I had been missing. While I was a Client I learned, for the first time, that my drug use was not the problem. My drug use was a symptom of the problem. I was able to begin addressing the root of my issues through individualized counseling. Through the MRT process, I learned that my problems were not the fault of others and that in order to move into acceptance I had to acknowledge that I was not always right. I learned how to embrace the positive qualities I had all along. I began feeling a sense of direction, and most importantly, purpose. I was given the opportunity to work for A Forever Recovery in February of 2014, and have been here ever since. If you would have told me 6 years ago that one day I would be free from addiction, and working in a treatment center I would not have been able to wrap my mind around it. It is amazing how much can change if you are willing to take that first step.