Chris Jones, DP-C, MRT, Case Manager


My name is Chris Jones, I was born and raised in Battle Creek in a upwardly mobile middle class family raised with morals, standards as well as values. However, I strayed from my ethical upbringing and allowed a drug addiction to cost me 11yrs of incarceration. I have been clean for 16yrs and have learned a great deal from my past mistakes. While incarcerated I facilitated Substance Abuse Education Phase 1 for several years and served as a Wardens Forum Representative while receiving certificates of completion in Business Development, Certified Addiction Counseling, Substance Abuse Education Assistant, Life Skills, Cage Your Rage and Biblical Conflict Resolution from Christian Conciliation Services of South Eastern Michigan. Upon my release in 2009, I volunteered as Life Skills Coach / Substance Abuse Counselor until advancing to the hired in position of Program Manager / Life Skills Coach. I’m currently attending Kellogg Community College, lecturing Criminal Justice Classes and working at A Forever Recovery as Case Manager / Certified MRT Facilitator. My past isn’t a secret to anyone in the community. I agreed to be interviewed for the paper in 2010 talking about my past for all to see. Because of my strong desire to assist others, I use my faults to educate others about the negative consequences associated with crime, drugs and violence with the hope of them not making the same or similar bad choices that I did. A Forever Recovery has given me the opportunity to continue to positively impact the lives of others from various backgrounds who are struggling with addiction.