Aftercare Staff

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Nicole Knaus, Ashley Jarrell, Taylor Russo, Erik Lindquist

Aftercare is a vital part of our client’s recovery. When our clients are two weeks from graduating, our Aftercare Specialists meet with each client individually and make a solid plan with them and their family to promote recovery and prevent relapse. We also mail the family an Aftercare Brochure which has useful information such as Relapse Signs and Symptoms, Relapse dangers, as well as Recovery websites and all phone numbers to stay in touch with Aftercare. Some clients choose sober living, individual counseling or Intensive outpatient therapy, and we coordinate and set it up based on their needs. When a client is returning home we assist the family in developing a “house contract” to help hold their loved one accountable and responsible. We keep in contact with our graduates and their families for a period of one year post discharge by calling them daily for 2 weeks, weekly for 1 month and then monthly for 11 months. During that time our aftercare team will discuss any issues that our clients are having during the transition period, and we will discuss any issues, triggers, or any success the client or family may be experiencing.

Our Aftercare Specialists are chosen because they are in recovery, or they have a solid background working in the recovery field. We are caring and understanding and we are here to help our clients maintain sobriety, as we have been through some of the same things that our clients are experiencing. We work closely with our clients to make sure that they are doing everything that they can do to remain sober.

Aftercare Mission Statement

To give the clients of AFR the basic tools needed to maintain a healthy drug and alcohol free lifestyle, by setting up and requiring that the client completes and follows through with their plan of action, by promoting goodwill and tough love with follow up and record keeping of graduated client life styles.