Stephanie Williams, CADC, MRT, Counselor


Stephanie Williams, A Forever Recovery’s Case Manager, brings several years of professional and personal experiences. Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Albion College, CCDC from National Association of Forensic Counselors, and Moral Reconation Therapy Facilitator Certification. Stephanie has worked in residential treatment for teen mothers and their children, in education at the college level and elementary schools, and in youth, family and community development. Then, life events occurred where she was caught in self-destructive cycles. However, with the love of family and friends, Stephanie was able to break free and recover. Now, as a Survivor living in Recovery, Stephanie can fulfill her passion and divine calling to help and empower others.

”You can take full responsibility for failures, learn from them and continue to seek healing and growth. By exercising my faith and working my program, I am able to teach the lesson that the courage lies within us to face ourselves, confront our pains, survive, then develop and maintain a lifestyle of recovery.”