Alan Jarman, Spiritual Advisor


After many years of working in the Counseling field of Addictions, the one component that I have always believed was surely needed (yet never appeared to be present), was a multi facetted Program that sought to heal the hurting Individual through Body, Soul, and Spirit, leading them on to a path of peace, enlightenment, and revelation of Self & Self Potential. After all those years of seeking, I believe I have found (and have the great pleasure and satisfaction of experiencing) here at AFR.

For those who are seeking a New life free of the shackles of Addictions or Addictive behaviors, the AFR Recovery program is a truly wonderful and life changing experience that leads the Way!

I am very blessed to be part of that Experience.

I have been involved in the area of addictions / counseling for over 20yrs, (2yrs at AFR) having lived and worked in Europe (UK) East Africa (Kenya Mombasa – Kinango) / Micronesia (Pacific islands- Saipan –Tinian-Guam). My experience in counseling has been (in the main) toward counseling with individuals who have experienced legal issues because of continued substance use / abuse, and in my capacity as counselor have worked on both sides of the fence (In prison / society). I have had the privilege of working with individuals from all walks of life / cultures, all kinds of backgrounds (rich, poor, influential), and from many different cultures. The one thing I have observed throughout my wonderings around the Globe is that drugs are everywhere, available to every and anyone, and are no respecter of age, sex, or culture. My ongoing is desire to see individuals set free from the pain and ravages of substance use, and with that being said, I have found my place toward fulfilling that said desire through the avenue of counseling at the AFR Residential treatment center.

The multi -faceted treatment approach at AFR gives any and every one (from any culture / background) the opportunity to gain the understanding / treatment

They desire in from the approach that they feel best serves their needs. I have observed (over the last 2yrs) multitudes of individuals (and yes from many diverse cultural backgrounds and walks of life) set free from the bondage and  destruction of a life of substance use, because of the AFR treatment experience.

I believe in the power of change through the AFR residential treatment setting. I have seen it, experienced the results of it, and am privileged to part of the team that brings it!

If you or a loved one are struggling with the ongoing destructive lifestyle of substance use, and are tired of fighting the pain, hurt, guilt,…….

Come and see us at AFR.  Why AFR? We can help you, We can offer you hope, We can offer you freedom, We care!

Sincerely,  Alan J. BS

AFR Counselor / Track Facilitator