Justin Rolin, CADC, MRT, Group Facilitator


My name is Justin W. Rolin and I am thirty-nine years old. I was born and raised in my home state of Oklahoma, where my family still resides today. I, however, chose a different path than those in my family. I decided, in my infinite wisdom at the age of fifteen, to experiment with drugs and alcohol. This decision was the first of many that would forever change my life. I instantly fell in love with the way drugs and alcohol made me feel, and I used these personal feelings to rationalize and justify the decisions I was making, even though on some level I knew that I was hurting the people that loved me the most. I developed, over time, an addicts mentality. This way of thinking carried me through most of my life in active addiction. After twenty-three years of actively using drugs and alcohol, I started to notice things that my family had noticed all along, I couldn’t live life without drugs, and the pain became too much to bear. I came to Battle Creek, Michigan on Easter Sunday of 2011 to begin, what I hoped to be, a new life. I began my treatment at A Forever Recovery and haven’t looked back since. Through Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), individual counseling and the life skills classes, I relieved myself of baggage that I had carried around for years, learned to trust myself again, set personal goals (for the first time in my life), found my identity and developed a plan to live a life of sobriety and happiness. Today, I am approaching eighteen months of clean and sober living. I am grateful to have the opportunity and ability to help others that are faced with the same challenges that I was facing. I am registered with MCBAP certification, attending college and working toward my CADC.  I am a trained MRT facilitator, case manager  life skills teacher, and Narcotics Anonymous chairperson here at A Forever Recovery. I choose to be part of the solution and utilize my extensive experience in this field to empower addicts to make a different choice. I am blessed to give back to the facility and community that gave so much to me.