Pamela Anderson, MBA, MRT, DP-C Executive Director


My desire to help others has carried throughout my career. Before A Forever Recovery I worked for 17 years for a national health and human services foundation; during this time my brother suffered from an addiction to cocaine and alcohol. His problem turned my focus on substance abuse and addiction. I was educated at the University of Detroit and received a BS and an MBA. I am the mother of three grown men who all share in my work. At AFR we utilize Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) which is a cognitive based peer recovery program. I have become MRT certified and encourage our staff to study MRT and become certified. It is important that we have dedicated and educated staff delivering our program Our program brings together professionals from several modalities of treatment, Holistic, Faith-Based, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Self-Help Groups and Indigenous. Our goal is to find the right form of recovery that works for the client; we focus on the recovery of the Body, Mind and Spirit collectively. We are here to save lives!